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November 19, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: Celebrated Canadian author Margaret Atwood writing in support of legalization and a a Kansas mother is facing 28 years in prison for medical marijuana. Take a toke off some high-end accessories for the bougie smoker in everyone and sip from the CannaCloud, said to be the Keurig coffee machine of cannabis. Also, on a serious front, find out why testing labs are teaming with commercial growers and nearly all marijuana charges laid by Hamilton police last year were dropped.

Canopy Growth Corporation
Canopy Growth Corp. announces close in bought deal financing

Most marijuana charges laid by Hamilton police last year were dropped
Margaret Atwood is one of the legalization movement's silent partners

Marijuana testing labs are partnering with commercial cannabis growers
Marinol is the only THC-based pharmaceutical drug on the market
The CannaCloud is reputed to be the Keurig machine of marijuana
Colorado-based Pineapple Express unveils its product line design

General Interest
High-end cannabis paraphernalia for the bougie smoker in all of us
Kansas mother has son taken away; faces 28 years for medical marijuana


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