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November 24, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: Bloomberg tours Tweed's Smiths Falls facility and Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa says it's too early to explore models for marijuana distribution in the province. Also, take a trip to Morocco's Rif mountains, where 80,000 families subsist on growing cannabis, and follow John Mayer and members of the Grateful Dead as they visit Medicine Man in Colorado. Also, investigate whether shatter is dangerous (or just gets you really high!) and find out why insurance companies are unfairly snubbing medical marijuana patients.

Canopy Growth Corporation
Bloomberg Business: Tweed Inc. sales could reach $100 million a year
Montreal filmmaker tours Tweed's Smiths Falls plant in new documentary
Canadian comedian Mike Paterson wants to “talk to the nice people at Tweed”
Apparently Tweed is the largest medical marijuana manufacturer in the States ;)

Ontario finance minister says province not ready to discuss particulars of pot sales
One step at a time is best way to proceed with recreational marijuana legislation

Editorial: Victoria shouldn't be responsible for regulating city dispensaries
The sky is truly the limit for women in the weed business
Lift Cannabis expo is slated to hit Toronto May 28-29, 2016
MMAR growers present a unique challenge to OPP in Orillia area
Insurance companies snubbing medical marijuana patients for wrong reasons

General Interest
Morocco's Rif mountains are the epicenter of a centuries-old cannabis culture
Marijuana public relations company denied financial services by QuickBooks
Here are five things to try and avoid when cooking with marijuana
Is shatter really dangerous, or does it simply get your really high?
John Mayer tours Medicine Man facility with his Grateful Dead hybrid act


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