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November 25, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: Investigate whether selling cannabis through the LCBO is the best means of protecting public health and explore if easing current laws is the best way to introduce legalization. Also, banned pesticides are found in Colorado cannabis and exposure to marijuana in the womb is reported to lead to better eyesight. Likely why I'm nearsighted. Read about America's tumultuous relationship with hemp and watch The Don rant on whether president Trump would legalize marijuana and deport Justin Bieber. Finally, nothing says 'I married the coolest person in the world/this likely won't last' in one breathe like a weed wedding replete with ice bongs and vape stations!

Is stocking LCBO shelves with cannabis the best way to protect public health?
Easing marijuana laws is a logical first step toward Canadian legalization
A Lift Cannabis open letter to the honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould

Minding marijuana: Banned pesticides are being found in Colorado tests
Cannabinoid Medical Clinic providing patient and doctor support in Halifax
Marijuana for Trauma organization seeing early support in Quinte West
Manitoba marijuana activists are fighting to “free the weed” in the province

General Interest
Donald Trump is up with dope and down with the Biebs
Explore America's extensive (at times tumultuous) relationship with hemp
Do babies exposed to cannabis in the womb actually have better eyesight?
Colorado's Cultivating Spirits looking to launch weed weddings

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