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November 27, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: The Ontario government is reconsidering its policy of allowing vaping in public and Canopy CEO Bruce Linton is advocating a delivery-by-courier model to kickstart the legalization movement. Hashtag strong leadership. High Times features Tweed and a Toronto Star reporter crashes new CAMH high-drive simulator, sober. Also, check out five great gift ideas for the cannabis connoisseur on your Christmas list and investigate the science behind marijuana's love-hate relationship with the munchies. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Delivery by courier could be logical first step toward legalization
Bay Today:
Note: This story was picked up by the Times-Colonist, Windsor Star and likely other Postmedia publications.
Tweed is realizing a Wonka dream growing weed in a chocolate factory

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould is embracing her new mandate

Ontario is reconsidering policy permitting public medical cannabis vaping
Understanding Ontario's pending cannabis consumption exemption policy
TorStar reporter has hard time controlling CAMH high-drive simulator sober

General Interest
The new art of cannabis branding eschews leaves and green colour schemes
Check out five great cannabis-themed Christmas ideas for the holiday toker
Investigating the science behind marijuana's connection to the munchies

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