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November 30, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: The world looks to Canada for a legalization model and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne shares her concerns about public vaping. The country's bankers continue to see the cannabis industry as suspect and Nova Scotia's first LP, Truro Herbal Co., is growing closer to production. In lighter news, Bob Marley was reported to smoke a pound of herb a week and prominent religious groups in America are calling for medical marijuana reform. Also, check out fifteen cannabis-inspired manicure ideas and find out who the first celebrity arrested for smoking pot was! Have a great week.

Canopy Growth Corporation
Canopy CEO Bruce Linton predicting quick move toward legalization

The world will be looking to Canada for marijuana legalization model
Where Canada's premiers stand on the topic of impending legalization
Letter: Treat marijuana the same as alcohol (How 'bout no, Scotty?!?!)

Premier Kathleen Wynne shares concerns about public vaping in Ontario
Arthritis Society asking what Ontario premier has been smoking lately?
Canadian bankers are still viewing marijuana businesses with suspect
Production of Nova Scotia's first medical marijuana grow-up beginning
Pot doctors pushing boundaries in states where medical marijuana is legal
Topical CBD creams may help to treat multiple sclerosis in patients
Launch of marijuana products is one click away for Canadian tweens

General Interest
Jazz icon Louis Armstrong was the first celebrity arrested for smoking pot
Prominent religious groups are calling on America to reform cannabis laws
New Brunswick RCMP make seizure of electronic marijuana cigarettes
Check out fifteen marijuana-inspired manicure designs for your nails
Bob Marley was reported to smoke a pound of herb every week

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