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December 1, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: International investors are eyeing Canada's publicly-traded cannabis market as shares in medical marijuana companies continue to ride a high. Six dispensaries have set up shop in Toronto in wake of PM Trudeau's legalization pledge and a Canadian judge fines a man $1 for growing 30 plants; calls country's pot laws outdated and “ridiculous.” Also, New South Wales police discover a football field-sized crop and a new video shows what your brain actually looks like on the weed ;)

Canopy Growth Corporation
Shares of medical marijuana companies on high since Canadian election
International investors eyeing the country's publicly-traded pot sector

Will legalization be the next Trudeau election promise to go up in smoke?

In wake of legalization pledge dispensaries are setting up shop in Toronto
Canadian Cannabis Clinics opening new site in Burlington, Ontario
Viro Health working on marijuana-based drugs for eventual FDA approval

General Interest
Canadian judge fines man $1 for growing thirty medical marijuana plants
Midol Cannabis? Study finds marijuana helps with menstrual pains, migraines
New South Wales police discover impressive football field-sized cannabis crop
Watch: What your brain actually looks like when high on the weed

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