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December 3, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: Nanaimo dispensaries reopen a day after being raided by RCMP and BCGEU president calls for marijuana sales to be regulated by liquor stores in the province. The debate over public vaping continues in Ontario and a California company claims to have made a major breakthrough in the race to develop first viable weed breathalyzer. In lighter news, explore eight sensible tips for first-time cannabis users and investigate how the Menorah bong became a Hanukkah classic!

BC union pushing for marijuana sales in province's liquor stores
Letters: The debate over public vaporizing in Ontario continues

Nanaimo dispensaries form united front; reopen a day after RCMP raids
Vernon pot shops vow to stay open despite recent RCMP warning
Many marijuana opinions in Vancouver lead to unpredictable enforcement

General Interest
Company boasting breathrough in race to develop first weed breathalyzer
Explore eight sensible tips for first time cannabis users
List of cannabis-loving directors includes names that may surprise you
Moving medical marijuana commercial calls for reform in Missouri
Investigate how the Menorah bong became a Hanukkah classic

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