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December 16, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: The gloves are off! Investigate the pros and cons of popular distribution models as politicians and activists draw a line in the proverbial sand. New dispensaries popping up across the country are called a threat to Ottawa's pot plan and Premier Wynne is applauded by the federal health minister for wading into legal cannabis debate. Aphria is expanding on its line of wholesale offerings and the operators of five Vernon dispensaries have delayed a meeting to discuss their options for a future. In lighter news, Bernie Sanders and rapper Killer Mike talk guns, hip-hop and marijuana, and find out which of your favourite UFC stars blaze it up!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Premier Wynne applauded for wading into recreational cannabis debate
Politicians and activists differ on where and how marijuana should be sold

Dispensaries popping up across the country are a threat to Ottawa's pot plan
Could marijuana really get shoved to the Liberal government's back burner?
In light of legalization Globe shares a pot info guide for concerned parents
Exploring what could happen to the marketplace when cannabis is made legal
Ottawa Morning: Eugene Oscapaella discusses Canada's cannabis drug policy

Aphria Inc. expands on its Canadian line of wholesale cannabis products
The operator's of Vernon's five dispensaries delay medical marijuana meeting

General Interest
Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders discuss guns, hip-hop and marijuana
Fan of the UFC? Here's a list of famous fighters who love smoking cannabis
Smoke in the Kitchen: Founder of G Pen delves into how he created his devise

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