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December 22, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today's news: Poll shows Ontarians are split on whether to sell cannabis at the LCBO and experts stress that pot taxes shouldn't be too high or too low when legalization becomes a reality. Nanaimo is considering options for regulating the city's dispensaries and the Globe and Mail asks how much 420 is alright to consume before hitting the 401? In less dangerous news, Samuel L. Jackson is convinced The Hulk eats weed brownies and Miss Universe contestants talk drug policy reform. Also, Tweed and Bedrocan are featured in an “episode” of Stoned Girls Presents' High Finance. Nothing says professionalism like an “anchor” in a 'Stoner Girls R Hot' t-shirt :) Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Bedrocan and Tweed featured on recent episode of High Finance
The chosen few who are poised to profit from legalization of pot

Experts stress that legal pot taxes should not be too high or too low
New poll finds a plurality of Ontarians oppose selling weed at LCBO
Interview: Liberals could move to legalize cannabis in a year or two
Alcohol prohibition of 1920s holds lessons for marijuana legalization
Canadians with convictions for cannabis crimes asking for pardons
Will legalization of recreational marijuana change medical landscape?

Nanaimo is still considering options to regulate the city's dispensaries
New Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre opens up in Kamloops
The booming marijuana industry is draining America's energy supply
Evidence hazy on how much 420 is safe to consume before hitting 401

General Interest
Miss Universe contestants talk drug reform during Las Vegas pageant
Meet the team of mercenaries who control Colorado's cannabis cash
Samuel L. Jackson is convinced The Hulk like to east weed brownies 

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