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December 29, 2015

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: The geographical irony of the current cannabis conversation in Canada continues as three issues are leveled at Ontario Premier Wynne’s LCBO proposal while proponents on the West Coast advocate for a liquor store model for legal weed distribution. The Toronto Star profiles Bedrocan’s head grower and the National Post knocks hippie stoner spokespeople and calls Canopy CEO head of new class of sober business minds at the helm of the industry. A reckless play in Colorado saw joints being passed out free of charge to Denver’s homeless on Christmas and watch eight anti-marijuana ads that rival the absurdity of the “Stoner Sloth” campaign. Have a great week!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Sober business minds set to dominate new Canadian pot sphere
Tweed sales are expected to grow by forty percent each quarter
Meet Emily Moeller, head grower at Bedrocan’s Toronto facility
Country’s licensed producers to benefit from swift legalization
Canada is now the global leader in the legal cannabis industry
Maryland universities excited to work with marijuana growers
420 Investor releases first index on Canadian licensed producers

Canada’s long and tumultuous war over the legalization of weed
Cannabis should be sold exclusively through liquor stores in BC
Three issues with Premier Wynne’s plan to sell pot at the LCBO
Legalization listed among ten new year challenges for Liberals
Editorial: There should be no amnesty for past pot possession

Doctors urging caution in treatment of children with cannabis
Credit union for U.S. pot industry challenging Federal Reserve
The DEA is easing restrictions on research into CBD treatment
Forbes: 2016 will be the year that marijuana goes mainstream

General Interest
Cannabis Now is the first weed magazine sold by U.S. airports
Eight anti-cannabis ads that rival wretched Stoner Sloth saga
Additive manufacturing taking over the cannabis container market
Denver’s homeless population was treated to free Christmas joints

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