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January 14, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: The mother of a seven-year-old epileptic boy is waiting on bated breath for Tweed’s cannabis oils roll-out and Don Briere is reported to be “flooded” with requests for pot shop franchises in Toronto. Vancouver announces it has received new dispensary applications and Jodie Emery is seeking a moratorium on marijuana arrests in light of looming legalization. In lighter news, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is addressing needed changes to its drug policies and is cannabis-infused chocolate sauce really a super food of the future? Also, a Vegas billionaire is pressuring the newspaper he owns to abandon its pro-marijuana stance and find out what a wellness retreat with Snoop Dogg looks like! Have a great day.

Canopy Growth Corporation
Mother of young epileptic child making son’s medicine in home kitchen
Seven-year-old Constance Bay boy waiting for Tweed’s oils license   
Un enfant traité avec de l’huile de cannabis maison pour controller son épilepsie
Canadian investors are showing an interest in Jamaican ganja industry
Letter: Medical marijuana should be grown in repurposed chocolate factories

Don Briere is being “flooded" with requests for pot shop franchises in Toronto
Colorado representative talks legalization and cannabis tax revenue in Montreal
Le Canada violerait trois traiés internationaux avec la légalisation du cannabis
Cofondateur du Bloc Québecois deviant lobbyiste pour dispensaire de cannabis
Trudeaumania times two as prime minister greets Toronto marijuana advocates

The City of Vancouver announces new marijuana dispensary applications
Los Angeles pot shops want recreational cannabis delivery on city ballot
Dutch-inspired coffee shops more likely in liberal Canadian municipalities
Jodie Emery seeking a moratorium on marijuana arrests in light of legalization

General Interest
Ever wonder what a ton of marijuana hidden in fake carrots looks like?
NSAC addressing necessary changes to competition drug policy in 2016
Indian sadhuholy man smokes cannabis on Gangasagar Island in Kolkata
A Vegas billionaire is pressuring his newspaper to abandon pro-marijuana stance
Is cannabis-infused chocolate sauce really an organic super food of the future?
Here’s what to expect when you attend a wellness retreat with Snoop Dogg

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