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January 20, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: Recreational cannabis will reportedly shake up the black market in Montreal and BC’s health minister says the country’s cannabis conversation must include a medical component. Tweed president Mark Zekulin believes mail order marijuana provides immediate advantages to the legalization movement and consultation on marijuana reform is counted as key to a smooth recreational road ahead. ABcann is vying for a Hawaiian MMJ license and Aurora Cannabis is being called a future low-cost industry powerhouse. In lighter news, DJ Khaled visits with Snoop on the set of Merry Jane’s GGN and Chelsea Handler’s pot-topped docuseries is being called an experiment in celebrity television (... and, yes, it's true I am admittedly a huge Chelsea Handler fan :)

Canopy Growth Corporation
Tweed president says mail order marijuana provides immediate advantages
Canopy Growth Corp reluctantly accepts Dr. Steven Small’s resignation
How will the task force assigned to legalizing pot regulate cannabis promotion?
Tweed is proud to be sponsoring the upcoming Lift Cannabis Expo in Toronto

Do the governing Liberals have a plan for legalization already up the sleeve?
The legalization of cannabis could help shake up black market in city of Montreal
Consultation on cannabis changes counted as key to smooth recreational road ahead
BC’s health minister says cannabis conversation must include medical component  

Aurora Cannabis is set to become a low-cost cannabis industry powerhouse
National Post: Illegal pot shops and group sex getting the OK in VanCity
Canadian medical cannabis company ABcann vying for Hawaiian license  
Philip Morris is rumoured to have rolled $20m dice on a cannabis device
There are reported to be 25 marijuana dispensaries operating in Victoria

General Interest
If you’ve wondered why weed is called weed, you’ll be surprised at the answer!
Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix docuseries an experiment in celebrity television
DJ Khlaed visits the set of GGN for an exclusive interview with Merry Jane
Learn how to play 17 marijuana-themed card and board games for bored stoners

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