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January 21, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: George Smitherman and Kirk Tousaw debate cannabis distribution models on The Current and provincial health ministers are planning to put marijuana on Ottawa’s agenda. Extracts license could mean growth for Tweed’s Smiths Falls facility and CannScience Innovations is making the move to the next stage of product development. Fourteen of Vancouver’s pot shops are moving closer to legitimacy and explore how a small town chocolate factory transformed to a medical marijuana marvel. Also, a new study shows cannabis can help manage Alzheimers disease and find out how Kyle Turley turned from professional football player to marijuana advocate.

Canopy Growth Corporation
CannScience Innovations makes move to next stage of product development
Ottawa boy relying on homemade cannabis oil to calm Dravet syndrome seizures
Extracts license could mean new job and opportunities for Tweed in Smiths Falls
Tweed listed among winning companies in current Canadian cannabis market
How Smiths Falls turned a chocolate factory into a medical marijuana marvel

George Smitherman and Kirk Tousaw debate the future of legalized cannabis
Trivializing cannabis can have the opposite of a positive impact on legalization
Provincial health ministers putting funding and marijuana on agenda with Ottawa
Moose Jaw Times Herald examines the particulars of Liberal legalization pledge

Fourteen of Vancouver’s pot shops moving closer to being legitimate businesses
Take a video tour of Canadian license producer CannTrust’s Ontario facility
Penticton dispensary owner not worried after his shop firebombed overnight

General Interest
Study shows marijuana helps to reduce symptoms associated with Alzheimers
Check out these 10 water pipes that are sure to help take your breath away!
How Kyle Turley turned from professional football player to marijuana advocate 

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