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February 4, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: Drug-impaired driving will provide a complex challenge to cannabis legalization and a Charlottetown man is leading a petition against the recreational movement. Facebook shuts down the business pages for three of New Jersey’s five dispensaries and the cannabis industry is said to be becoming a magnate for female entrepreneurs. Also, Chikamasa trimming scissors are coming to Canada and a new Australian study shows seniors smoke more pot than millenials. VICE explores the ways to get rich in the cannabis industry and Americans reportedly spent more money on weed than Doritos and Cheetos combined last year! Have a great day.

Canopy Growth Corporation
Tweed one of the fastest growing and most exciting businesses in Smiths Falls
Canopy Growth Corp. is trading significantly higher than expected on TSX
VICE explores any number of ways you can apparently get rich in cannabis
Will legalizing recreational cannabis leave medical patients out in the cold?  

How can marijuana be legal in Vancouver and not in cities like Saskatoon?
A Charlottetown man is leading a petition against the legalization of cannabis
Drug-impaired driving is a complex challenge to marijuana legalization

Facebook shuts down business pages for three New Jersey dispensaries
Chikamasa cannabis trimming scissors are on the way to Canada soon!
ExtraktLAB combines chromatography and extracts to help oil producers
Cannabis industry quickly becoming a magnate for female entrepreneurs

General Interest
Watch the trailer for the new seasons of Weediquette on VICELAND TV
Americans spent more on recreational pot than Doritos and Cheetos last year
New Australian study shows senior citizens use more cannabis than millenials

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