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February 18, 2016

Morning everyone! 

In today's news: The Globe and Mail reports that recreational cannabis has many benefits but few of them economical and the Vancouver board of variance denies the first four of 16 dispensary appeals. Aurora Cannabis is granted its extracts license and senators could take the high road and join the Marijuana Party once cannabis is legalized. Tweed is reportedly making Smiths Falls cool again and Bedrocan receives its license renewal. Also, a new study finds pot doesn't make people anxious or depressed and pro skier Tanner Hall introduces his new line of rolling papers. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Legal pot has many benefits, but apparently few are economical
Tweed is doing its share to make the town of Smiths Fall cool again
Bedrocan receives license renewal and launches into next phase

Cannabis is attracting a growing field of savvy business investors
Senators could take the high road and join federal Marijuana Party

Vancouver board of variance denies first set of dispensary appeals
First of 16 hearing ends with four dispensaries denied licenses
Aurora Cannabis ads 500 patients and prepares for oils roll-out
Medical marijuana advocate ingloriously ejected from Mexico

General Interest
List of twenty comic-themes cannabis strains includes Batman Kush
Stoner movie star Seth Rogan delves into the art of rolling joints
Study finds smoking pot doesn't make you anxious or depressed
Pro skier Tanner Hall now has his own line of rolling papers
Celebrate your dose with seven steps to maximizing edibles outing


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