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February 26, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today's news: Tweed's president says a federal court ruling that allows patients to continue to grow medical marijuana is a positive and Bruce Linton likens homegrown grass to home brew, says pharmacies could serve as a supplemental distribution system. Thomas Mulcair proclaims cannabis should immediately be decriminalized and Bill Blair says Liberal government has no timeline for legalization as he tries to clean up the mess after Allard victory party on Parliament Hill. Activists say the next battle front will be dispensaries as MMAR growers across the country react to the news they can keep their plants potted. Tweed unveils it is contributing $50,000 to a smart use cannabis Education Fund and Tilray forms an Australian partnership. Also, the former US attorney general says it's ridiculous to treat pot like heroin and the DARE program quietly removes pot from its list of gateway drugs. In lighter news, The Stoner's Cookbook celebrates the Top 10 best Rihanna stoner moments and MassRoots and WeedLife are counted among the list of best social networks for connoisseurs. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Tweed president says more access to medical cannabis is a good thing
Canopy CEO likens growing marijuana at home to making home brew
Education Fund hopes to fill existent knowledge gap in cannabis industry
Bruce Linton says he could see pharmacies serving as supplemental system

Thomas Mulcair says marijuana should immediately be decriminalized
Legalizing cannabis is still a pipe dream despite ruling in Allard case
Allard decision will likely set the stage for the future of legal cannabis
Bill Blair says Liberals have no set timeline for legalizing marijuana
Letter: 'Let's get legalization of marijuana right because it saved my life.'
Bill Blair quickly trying to clear the mounting confusion on cannabis file
It seems the Trudeau Liberals are not quite ready to pull trigger in legalization

Pot activists say next battle will be to legalize the country's pot storefront
The efforts of the family of Kyla Williams will be at the Oscars this weekend
Groovy marketing tips for pharmacy brands looking to get into cannabis
Former US attorney general says it's ridiculous to treat weed like heroin
After Allard ruling will doctors even be willing to prescribe homegrown?
Tilray forms a new partnerships in Australia to study cannabis treatment
Federal court ruling in Allard injunction welcomes by Nova Scotia patient
Winnipeg doctor says thoughts medical marijuana is gateway drug are false
Patients in Saskatchewan say court ruling was step forward for cannabis

General Interest
The Stoner's Cookbook celebrates Rihanna's Top 10 best weed moments
Edible cannabis goes gourmet with recipe for 20-minute pot olive oil
D.A.R.E. program quietly removes marijuana from list of gateway drugs
MassRoots and WeedLife among five most popular stoner social networks
The ultimate starter guide to using quartz nails to rip your dabs this weekend!

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