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March 10, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today's news: The Ontario government plans ban on public vaping and the CEO of New Brunswick Liquor Corp. is gaining insight into what Canadians think about cannabis sales in liquor stores. Colorado companies are tackling the energy consumption challenge and CBD may help ease the National Football League's concussion woes. Also, watch Stephen Colbert's hilarious response to Bernie Sanders' admission he smoked pot twice and check out some high-end cannabis accessories, from handbags to humidors. Have a great day!

NB Liquor gaining insight into what country thinks about cannabis
Uruguay's legal marijuana program may have tips to lend Canada

Ontario government set to rule today that public vaping is banned
Could CBD help ease the National Football League's concussion issue?
Colorado companies tackling cannabis energy consumption challenge

General Interest
Is it finally time for NFL to reconsider its draconian cannabis policy?
Watch Stephen Colbert's classic response to Bernie Sanders admission
High-end cannabis accessories include stylish handbags and humidors

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