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March 18, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: A new report is fuelling heated debate over what the legal age for cannabis consumption should be and the owner of Canada’s largest chain of dispensaries is vowing to stay open even if the city of Abbotsford is successful in shutting his operation down. A drug-driving simulator proves the most surreal trip at the Ottawa-Gatineau International Auto Show and researchers at the University of Calgary say the cure for PTSD may come down to mice and marijuana. Also, a hotel with three grow floors was shut down in Spain and New Zealand’s consumers say there’s a chronic shortage in the country. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Tweed’s 10:1 Cannabis Oil are an organic addition to the medical market
Tweed Main Street looks to move cannabis conversation from the shadows

Selley: The Conservative Party is in need of a new strategy for a new age
A new report is fuelling debate over what legal age for cannabis should be
Petition calling for legalization now is gaining steam in British Columbia

UOC researchers say a cure for PTSD may come down to mice and marijuana
Supreme Pharmaceuticals is preparing to enter Canadian market license in hand
Mississauga’s first medical cannabis clinic opens doors to patients this week
Don Briere vows to stay open even if Abbotsford wins effort to shut him down
Drug-driving simulating suits most surreal trip at Ottawa-Gatineau Auto Show

General Interest
A hotel with three floors devoted to cannabis cultivation shut down in Spain
A VICE guide to the most expensive cannabis products on the planet
New Zealand’s cannabis consumers say there is a chronic shortage of supply

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