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May 31, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: A coalition of unlicensed pot shops in Toronto is asking that charges laid during last week’s raids be dropped and the city’s public health committee acknowledges the health benefits of cannabis should be discussed in short order. John Tory is unapologetic for the dispensary crackdown as storefronts continue to dispense and the media questions why people are being charged for weed in light of looming legalization? Also, the National Hockey League takes a liberal approach to dealing with medical marijuana and John Oliver concocts a solution to overcoming the munchies. Explore eight of Snoop’s proprietary strains, check out some of the best curated collections of weed art on Instagram and take the guess work out of strain selection with the “Netflix of weed.” Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
Toronto Public Health acknowledges cannabis may have health benefits
Activist Jodie Emery joins Metro Morning to discuss LPs and dispensaries

A coalition of dispensaries in Toronto is asking that pot charges be dropped
Why are charges being laid on pot shop owners as we ready for legalization?
John Tory is unapologetic for police raids on city’s unlicensed dispensaries
Toronto Star editorial cartoon makes light of pot shop crackdown in city
Marijuana storefronts in Toronto continue to sell pot despite police raids
The Liberal government’s marijuana policy equates to a “big fog” so far

British Columbia should harvest marijuana cash to help provincial coffers
American 18-25 are now less likely to use marijuana than drugs like alcohol
National Hockey League has a better attitude toward mmj than other leagues

General Interest
John Oliver has determined a sound solution for overcoming the munchies
Check out a curated collection of some of the best weed art on Instagram
“Netflix of Weed” WoahStork takes the guess work out of strain selection
“Explore eight of rapper Snoop Dogg’s strains from Leafs by Snoop line

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