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August 10 Août, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Ottawa residents continue to weed through the legality of Canada's medical cannabis system and the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition believes most of the country’s growers are law abiding citizens. Toronto police raid three city dispensaries and the LCBO is trying to make sense of the prospect of legal grass sales. Licensed producers call on the government to allow veterans access to cannabis oils and Waterloo start-up Grobo is looking to introduce high-tech to marijuana grow-ops. Also, new data shows pot arrests are up 30 percent in NYC this year, the woman behind looks to redefine feminism, and meet Simon Rex – the James Franco of the American weed scene. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Stittsville residents asking for clarity on legality of new dispensary in town
Ottawans continue to weed through difference between LPs and dispensaries
Bedrocan’s Chris Murray says evidence about medical cannabis is growing
Tweed’s Front Yard Shindig an opportunity to win Tragically Hip tickets
BNN: CGC likely to be one of the leaders in the cannabis space in short time

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition says most growers are law abiding citizens
Read the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition’s submission to federal government
Midas Letter explores the history of the marijuana industry in this country
The LCBO is trying to make sense of the hazy topic of on-site cannabis sales

Toronto police officers raid three more city dispensaries Tuesday afternoon
Licensed producers call on government to allow vets access to cannabis oils
Waterloo start-up Grobo looking to take cannabis cultivation to high-tech
City of Vancouver issues a new license for another marijuana dispensary
Jamaica could help lead the world in cannabis research for prostate cancer

General Interest/Divers
The woman behind is helping to redefine feminism
Meet Simon Rex – the so-called James Franco of the American weed scene
Watch the trailer for Season 2 of VICE’s Weediquette with Krishna Andavolu
New data shows low-level pot arrests increased 30 percent in NYC in 2016
Merry Jane examines the unlikely pioneers of the Olympic marijuana scene
Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are hosting a dinner party show on VH1

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