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August 26 Août, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: The city of Peterborough questions whether it will share in the revenue from cannabis reform and police in Quebec City raid a storefront and arrest six in the process. A Saint John lawyer believes charges will inevitably be laid on a city pot shop owner as reports suggest legalization could create a $6-billion industry in California alone. CGC CEO Bruce Linton will feature at the O Cannabis conference in April and VICE explores whether pharmacists are out to take over the recreational cannabis market. Also, researchers in Montreal find weed improves night vision in tadpoles, Jay Z’s protégé talks chronic and Hilary Clinton, and a Brantford driver gets lit up after blowing smoke in a cop’s face at a traffic stop. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth
VICE explores whether pharmacists are out to take over recreational cannabis
The Tweed Front Yard Shindig was a mix of rock and roll and rain and shine
O Cannabiz conference in April will feature business leaders like Bruce Linton
CGC sees target price rise from $4.50 to $4.75 on weight of recent success

The city of Peterborough is questioning if it will share in revenue from reform
Legalization could create a $6-billion industry in the state of California alone

Police is Quebec City raid unlicensed pot shop and arrest six in the process
Saint John lawyer says charges will inevitable be laid on pot shop owner
Delta storefront faces judicial order to shutter shop for violating local bylaws

General Interest/Divers
Montreal researchers find that cannabis improves the night vision of tadpoles
Jay Z’s protégé Freeway talks weed, advocacy and Hilary Clinton with Civilized
Brantford driver facing charges after blowing pot smoke in police officer’s face

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