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July 13 Juillet, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Don Briere’s Weeds “empire” is reported to be generating over a million a year for the taxman and some British Columbia cities are asking the federal government for a cut of any prospective legalization cash. Maine and Oregon reject a petition to use cannabis to treat addiction and GW Pharma raises more than $250 million following another successful Epidiolex trial. Hilary Black takes the road less travelled to land at Bedrocan and more calls for decriminalization get voiced. Also, a marijuana tax in California could save voters from ruling on a homeless tax and the Trailer Park Boys join Snoop on a new episode of Merry Jane’s GGN. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Hilary Black took the road less travelled before landing at Bedrocan

British Columbia cities asking for a cut of federal cannabis revenue
Column: The Liberals should move to now to decriminalize marijuana

Don Briere’s Weeds “empire” is set to generate over a million in taxes
Maine and Oregon reject petitions to use marijuana to treat addiction
GW Pharma is set to raise $252 million after successful Epidiolex trial
(FR) Marijuana médicale gagne en popularité chez membres de la GRC

General Interest/Divers
Trailer Park Boys join Snoop on new episode of Merry Jane’s GGN
Marijuana tax could save Californians from voting on homeless tax

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