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July 15 Juillet, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Alan Young says profits should be secondary to culture in the new legal cannabis market and two Vancouver dispensaries are now selling grass without a prescription. An Alaskan pot advocate says the state is making progress toward legalization and a new study shows big pharma may be trying to keep the cannabis industry at bay. Sears and Bed Bath & Beyond can advertise marijuana products and could Italy’s plan to legalize weed help fight the Islamic State? Also, Netflix and HBO embrace cannabis culture, HERB reveals the 10 most-Googled weed queries and is a $2 roadside drug test unfairly sending people to jail? Have a great weekend!

Profit should be the secondary goal of Canada’s legal cannabis system
Alaskan pot advocate says state is making progress toward legalization

Two Vancouver dispensaries no longer require a doctor’s prescription
Study shows pharma may be looking to keep medical cannabis at bay
Retail stores Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond are allowed to advertise weed

General Interest/Divers
Could Italy’s plan to legalize marijuana help with he Islamic State?
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson doesn’t get vaping
Netflix, HBO fully embrace cannabis culture with new pot-themed shows
Try out some spooky weed strains for the premiere of new Ghostbusters
HERB reveals answer to the 10-most Googled marijuana questions
Is a $2 roadside drug driving test unfairly sending people to jail?
The Kind tries out some sound waves that get you high like drugs do
Explore Colorado’s weed industry on new episode of VICE Does America

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