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June 28, 2016

Morning everyone!

In today’s news: A new Forum Research poll shows only 20% of Ontarians support weed sales through the liquor store and activists in Toronto voice their displeasure over council’s deferral of the dispensary debate. Canopy Growth Corp. partners with Entourage Phytolab to create Bedrocan Brazil and Tweed’s contingency plan is already in motion if Canada Post does decide to strike. GW Pharma stock soars as Epidiolex comes one step closer to approval in the U.S. and a New Brunswick dispensary owner isn’t concerned his business will be forced to shut down. Also, explore three facts about Iran’s cannabis landscape, meet the man who thinks his vape skills are worthy of America’s Got Talent and would you buy your weed from a robot? Have a great day!

Canopy Growth Corporation
CGC partnership with Entourage Phytolab will create Bedrocan Brazil
Revenues are up and losses down as CGC announces fiscal Q4 numbers
Tweed putting contingency plan in motion as Canada Post strike looms
CGC CEO Bruce Linton says Tweed is ready for any potential strike

Activists angry as Toronto council decides to defer dispensary debate
Toronto pot shop advocates voice displeasure over dispensary closures
Column: Pot activists in Toronto need to recognize weed is still illegal
Poll shows Ontarians don’t back sale of cannabis in provincial LCBO

New Brunswick marijuana dispensary owner not worried about raids
GW Pharmaceuticals stock soars at Epidiolex shows more positive signs
The most effective uses for medical cannabis range from arthritis to PTSD
What is the recreational marijuana industry doing with all its money?

General Interest
VICE shows you the step-by-step process to make a fresh gravity bong
Man thinks his vape skills are good enough for America’s Got Talent
The Kind wants to know whether you would buy weed from a robot?
Explore three facts about marijuana in Iran that you didn’t know about

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