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July 8 Juillet, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: The number of unlicensed pot shops in the National Capital Region now tallies six and a Canada Post work stoppage would likely mean a disruption for medical marijuana deliveries (that is, if you’re with another LP!). Dried flower consumption is being replaced by innovative products in this new cannabis space and the federal Crown is appealing a probation sentence handed down to former University of Saskatchewan linebacker Seamus John Neary for possession of 21 pounds. A Japanese party is supporting medical cannabis and the Alaska Marijuana Control Board passes new rules for on-site consumption. Also, Miracle-Grow breaks into the cannabis industry with Black Magic (not to be confused with Blue Magic), Jeff Mizanskey discusses two decades behind bars for grass and Jett Extracts teams with Thorn Street Brewery to mix the world’s first terpene-infused beer. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth
Tweed president Mark Zekulin discusses cannabis advertising on CBC
UPS hires new staff in light of the potential Canada Post work stoppage

Six unlicensed pot shops are now operating the in National Capital Region
Joanna Smith asks if decriminalizing marijuana would help stop crime?

Crown appeals probation sentence given to former Huskies player for pot
Alaska Marijuana Control Board passes rules to allow on-site consumption
Canada Post strike will mean the delivery of pension cheques but not weed
Dried cannabis consumption on the decline as innovation starts to rule the day
One Japanese party’s support for medical marijuana is getting mixed reaction

General Interest/Divers
Jett Extracts teams with Thorn Street Brewery to mix terpene-infused beer
Meet Moly Peckler, the world’s first official cannabis-friendly dating coach
Prisoner 420 Jeff Mizanskey discusses two decades behind bars for grass
VICE talks to Al the Alchemist about what’s actually going on in your weed
Miracle-Gro breaks into the cannabis space with introduction of Black Magic
The life and career of renowned green thumb and author Jorge Cervantes
Legend Frank Zappa only smoked nine joints over the course of his life

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