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March 7 Mars, 2017


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: L.A. County officials are proposing raids on unlicensed dispensaries in the city and the leader of the B.C. Green Party is calling for a debate on legalizing more drugs than cannabis. Mothers in Peru are leading the charge for the introduction of medical marijuana laws in the South American country and the Los Angeles Times questions what the future of legal grass will look like under President Trump’s rule. Also, Chris Brown denies rumours he’s a buzz away from rock bottom and claims he only needs his “weed and…work," CanChew+ is giving people a minty blast of CBD, and Extract checks out the top cannabis panels and sessions at the upcoming SXSW festival. Have a great day!

L.A. Times: What does the future of legal marijuana look like under President Trump?
B.C. Green Party leader adds name to politician list calling for debate on legalizing drugs

Mothers in Peru are leading the fight for the introduction of medical cannabis legislation
Kwantlen Cannabis Professional course student receives tuition funding for new studies

General Interest/Divers
Proposal to be heard Wednesday calls for closing of all unlicensed dispensaries in L.A.
Extract: Check out the best marijuana panels and sessions at this year’s SXSW festival
Chris Brown refutes rock bottom allegations; claims to only need “weed and… work”
A piece of CanChew+ gum gives people blast of minty flavour and a dose of cannabidiol

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