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November 1 Novembre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: The Parliamentary Budget Office will today release a new report outlining fiscal considerations for legal cannabis and Canopy Growth Corporation moves into Québec with the acquisition of Drummondville’s Vert Médical. Vancouver’s retail pot space is said to be a balance between high revenues and expenses, and Alternet explores how decriminalization saved the city of Philadelphia $9 million. A new Yale study finds workplace bans factor into the choice for or against medical cannabis and the Globe and Mail reports that Canadian home growers are having a hard time obtaining genetics. Also, Maryland’s medical marijuana regulators are being sued for not considering racial diversity, Merry Jane traces a step-by-step on how to roll a proper blunt, and controversy erupts in California after $10 million in pot is seized from a legal grow-op. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
(French) CGC installs itself in Quebec by acquiring Drummondville’s Vert Médical
Globe and Mail: Medical cannabis home growers finding it pricey to obtain genetics

The Parliamentary Budget Office will publish fiscal considerations of legal cannabis
Vancouver’s retail weed space is said to be a balance of high revenues and expenses
Editorial: The federal government is busy trying to sort out how to legalize cannabis

Globe counts marijuana stocks among the spooky as investors reap large dividends
Alternet explores how decriminalizing marijuana helped save Philadelphia $9 million
New issue of Current Treatment Options in Neurology looks at use of MMJ to treat MS
Yale study finds that workplace marijuana bans weigh into medical cannabis use decision
Maryland’s medical cannabis regulators are being sued for not considering racial diversity

General Interest/Divers
35 people arrested, $10 million in pot seized as controversy erupts over legal grow bust
Introducing Vapen Clear, the world’s official first medical cannabis inhaler device
Play-by-play: Merry Jane gives a step-by-step guide on how to roll a proper blunt

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