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November 15 Novembre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: A new Forum poll shows six in 10 Canadian favour Shopper’s Drug Mart for medical cannabis distribution and the CAA is lobbying Ottawa for a government-funded drug impairment campaign. Cannabis Culture’s Peterborough shop reopens but will not sell grass and the case of a B.C. gymnastics coach suspended for medical marijuana use outside of work underscores the complexity of the cannabis conversation in the workplace. Canopy Growth Corp. looks to expand to keep up with high demand from the country’s growing cannabis sector and an Ottawa entrepreneur is expanding his chain of pot shops in the city, despite recent competitor closures. Also, scores of Rastafarians take to the streets of Montego Bay to protest the seizure of sacramental ganja, Bhang Travel hosts the planet’s first Caribbean cruise and High Times breaks down how to build a grow-op in a bunker, just in case of the apocalypse. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
CGC expanding its facilities to keep up with high demand from Canada’s cannabis sector
Legalization news in four U.S. states helps propel CGC to unicorn status north of border
Canada’s largest medical cannabis company reports its quadrupled patient base
Bruce Linton discusses the prospects for the country’s recreational cannabis market

CAA lobbying for government-funded drug driving education program for recreational pot
Activist Jodie Emery speaks out against proposed cannabis-impairment driving campaign

Poll shows six in 10 Canadian side with selling medical cannabis at Shopper’s Drug Mart
Gymnastics coach suspended for use of mmj off the job underscores complexity of the issue
American gun buyers are reportedly having sales hampered by the legalization of marijuana
How the UK’s drug laws have created an underground medical marijuana scene
Canada could become a global leader in drug policy reform including on the cannabis file?
Cannabis Culture shops reopens in downtown Peterborough but will only sell paraphernalia
One Ottawa entrepreneur is expanding his chain of pot shops despite closures in the capital

General Interest/Divers
Scores of Rastafarians protest in streets of Montego Bay over seizure of sacramental ganja
In anticipation of the apocalypse High Times takes a look at how to grow week in a bunker
Bhang Travel plans to host the planet’s first-ever cannabis cruise through the Caribbean
Abdullah Saeed talks the joy of rolling spliffs, growing weed and understanding regulation

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