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November 21 Novembre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Pain doctors and patients are shut out of Ottawa’s opioid conference and President Trump’s pick for attorney general has cannabis reform campaigners concerned. Bars in businesses in Denver will not be able to offer patrons on-site pot consumption and a vape pen is counted among Time Magazine’s Top-25 inventions of 2016. Jamaica’s Cannabis Authority looks to grant conditional cultivation permits by end of year and Motherboard explores the confounding challenge growers face trying to coin their grass “organic.” Also, 2 Chainz releases the second instalment of his “Dabbing Santa” holiday sweater collection, Civilized looks at Larry King’s top marijuana moments and Merry Jane explores why music and cannabis have always shared an intimate relationship. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Boaty McBoatface counted as the lowest price per gram strain available from Tweed
Brian Sweet is rarely spotted with anything shy of a smile stretched out over his face

President Donald Trump’s attorney general pick has legal weed proponents worried
Dr. Thomas Kerr says evidence suggests legalizing marijuana reduced use of opioids
Is Parliamentary Budget Office to blame for conflated tax projection from legalization?
The University of Massachusetts is developing an app for roadside pot impairment test
Guardian: Legalization of marijuana is the only solution to crime and addiction in UK
Motherboard explores confounding challenge growers face to call their grass “organic”

Pain doctors and patients say they were shut out of opioid conference in Ottawa Friday
Bars and restaurants in Denver will not be able to offer on-site marijuana consumption
Denver opponents of bars and business barring pot use say the move is an unwise one
Cannabis vape pens counted as one of Time Magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2016
The New York Times looks in-depth at California’s fickle medical marijuana industry
Jamaica’s Cannabis Authority is looking to grant conditional permits by end of year

General Interest/Divers
2 Chainz releases second instalment of holiday-themed “Dabbing Santa” sweaters
Putting cops on pot seat included by Civilized in Larry King’s top cannabis moments
Merry Jane explores why music and marijuana share such an intimate relationship

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