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November 3 Novembre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Edmonton city councillors are considering zoning restrictions on recreational pot shops and ESPN finds two-thirds of NFL players believe a reformed drug policy would lead to a dramatic drop in painkiller use in the league. Danny Glover and Sting are counted among the pro-legalization voices in California and one of Ottawa’s 17 dispensaries is forcibly closed after being served an eviction notice from its landlord. A recent report shows the Pentagon may soon lift restrictions on the past marijuana use of new military recruits and an Australian man accused of growing grass in his vegetable garden tells police he scored his cultivation license from God. Also, Method Man and Redman are bringing the Canadian Fire Bowl competition to Vancouver this January, Snoop teams with Adidas skateboarding on ‘LA Stories’ shoe line, and a woman in the UK avoids jail time for growing her medicine, telling the judge Prince Charles sold her on the benefits of medical cannabis. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
OBJ: Canopy Growth Corp. is moving into the hemp market with new Quebec acquisition
Rapper Snoop Dogg paid a visit to the Tweed Farms facility in Niagara-on-the-Lake Friday
Canopy Growth announces major expansion strategy in partnership with Goldman Group

Edmonton councillors asking if dispensaries should be restricted to province’s liquor stores
ESPN: Two-thirds of all NFL players surveyed say legal pot equates to fewer painkillers
Danny Glover and Sting are counted among celebs backing legalization in Cali
(FR) Des entrepreneurs du Nouveau-Brunswick se préparent à la légalisation de la marijuana

One of Ottawa’s 17 unlicensed pot shops forcibly closed after being served eviction notice
Vancouver Province: Driving with cannabis in the blood stream doesn’t mean you’re high
Pentagon: U.S. military may soon lift restrictions on past marijuana use for new recruits

General Interest/Divers
Adidas skateboarding, Snoop and Mark Gonzales team up for ‘LA Stories’ shoes collection
Booming cannabis industry is attracting successful technology experts from Silicon Valley
Woman with MS avoids jail time for growing cannabis; tells judge Prince Charles approved
Dope meets with the odd and eccentric Eddie Huang to talk culture, cooking and cannabis
VICE Munchies dishes up a weed-infused baked eggplant they assure will get you baked
Man accused of growing grass in his vegetable patch tells police God issued his license
Method Man and Redman teaming up for Canadian Fire Bowl competition in Vancouver

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