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October 13 Octobre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: A new Forum poll shows Canada will see 900,000 new pot smokers under legalization and CATSA updates its policies to clear the air on flying with medical cannabis. Ottawa Public Health reveals how it feels reform should proceed and PM Trudeau scores an A- on his first report card, which includes legalization. Vancouver councillor Kerry Jang says a pharmacy licensing program is the city’s most sensible med pot strategy and Tel Aviv researchers find that inhaled cannabis may help treat Parkinson’s disease. Also, Tommy Chong says he intends to keep “priming the pump” of cannabis reform, gourmet infused dinners are gaining mainstream acceptance, and 420 Nurses are just one of the groups you can expect to find at every cannabis event. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Canadian cannabis stocks continue to soar on news unlicensed pot shops being raided

Policy plays like cannabis legalization helps score Trudeau an A- in first report card
Ottawa Public Health Agency reveals how it feels marijuana should be legalized
New poll shows that Canada will see 900,000 new pot smokers under legalization

CATSA updates policies to clarify rules around medical patients flying with cannabis
Figuring out the supply chain for pot products made in secret no easy task in Colorado
Kerry Jang: Pharmacy licensing program offers Vancouver sensible med pot strategy
Tel Aviv University researchers find inhaled marijuana helps symptoms of Parkinson’s
Now Toronto: ‘Medical marijuana works, so why aren’t more patients using the herb?'

General Interest/Divers
420 nurses are counted among the people you’re sure to meet at a cannabis event
Gourmet cannabis-infused dinners slowly but surely gaining mainstream acceptance
Tommy Chong says he intends to keep “priming the pump” until pot is legalized

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