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October 14 Octobre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Vancouver issues its eighth dispensary license and the Montreal Gazette investigates what happens when someone gets busted for possession in the city. Harvest season at Tweed’s greenhouse doubles the workforce at Niagara-on-the-Lake and VICE explores the struggles of Michigan’s medical marijuana program. CannaMoms continues its fight for landmark reform in Florida as the family of a four-year-old epileptic girl celebrates a cannabis oil victory. Activists in the Durham region tell authorities to prepare for dispensaries and former DEA agents say legalizing cannabis is the best way to reduce drug crimes. Also, Freeway Rick Ross talks the weed industry and Hilary Clinton, nearly 3,000 plants are pulled from a U.S. national park, and scientists believe runner’s high could be caused by cannabis-like chemicals, not endorphins. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth
Harvest season at Tweed’ Niagara-on-the-Lake greenhouse sees workforce doubled
Partnership with hip-hop mogul Snoop Dogg translates to good business for Tweed
CGC market cap tops more than $600 million as stock continues to soar on the TSX
CEO of CGC Bruce Linton weighs in on the debate over minimum age for cannabis

Montreal Gazette investigates what happens when someone gets busted for possession
Did Hilary Clinton speak out against marijuana legalization in a paid speech in 2014?
Former DEA agents saying legalizing cannabis is the best way to reduce drug crime

Durham region medical cannabis advocates warn authorities to prep for dispensaries
Buying weed as easy in Montreal as getting a script, tracking down a guy named Boris
Vancouver issues eighth dispensary business license to Budha Barn Medicinal Society
B.C.’s pop-up pot stand is reported to be taking stance on criminalization of marijuana
Patrick Cain looks at the four things to remember when flying with medical marijuana
VICE explores the legal struggles of Michigan’s convoluted medical marijuana industry
CannaMoms continue to keep up fight for landmark cannabis legislation in Florida
The family of four-year-old Kyla Williams is celebrating a victory with cannabis oil

General Interest/Divers
An Ohio mother says she found marijuana in her daughter’s Wendy’s French fries
Nearly 3,000 illegal marijuana plants were removed from Sequoia National Park in Cali
Freeway Rick Ross discusses the weed industry, Hilary Clinton and the War on Drugs
MMA apparel Hyperfly founder and CEO Pascal Pakter says that CBD saved his life
Motherboard reporter plays the mass-market version of an underground stoner game
Review: The plot of new film Generation Wolf centres around a marijuana grow-op
So-called “runner’s high” could be triggered by marijuana-like chemicals in the brain

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