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October 17 Octobre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Cannabis is counted among the toughest files Trudeau’s Liberals will have to take on this year and a Stats Canada report shows how pot possession charges are distributed throughout the country. The National Post reports that celebrity licensing for cannabis is a necessity for the new recreational industry and Colorado’s chief medical officer has lessons to teach Canada about legalization. Canna Green dispensary in Ottawa continues selling grass out a smashed front window and CATSA issues tips to passengers flying with medical cannabis. Also, billionaire Richard Branson tells reformers to continue fight for legalization, Michigan rapper Royce da 5’9” endorses medical cannabis, and Merry Jane investigates how to get grass on the streets of China. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
National Post: Celebrity licensing for cannabis is a necessity in new recreational industry
Cannabis Canada Association represents 60 percent of companies regulated by ACMPR
How Bruce Linton and Canopy Growth built the largest cannabis company on the planet
Smokers Club: Snoop Dogg joins forces with Tweed to get Leafs By Snoop to Canada
Insider Financial: CGC should be in the portfolio of every cannabis investor’s portfolio

Cannabis counted among tough files Liberal government will have to take on this year
Wilson-Raybould’s comments confirm government actively discussing recreational pot
A pre-rolled joint at Toronto’s popular Eden pot shop will run customers about $12!!!
Archetypes: Postmedia investigates the characters that represent the new cannabis space
Lift’s Jenna Valleriani breaks down recent report on legalization by Public Safety Canada
Medical cannabis producers jockey for top spot as legalization for recreational use looms
Colorado’s chief medical officer has lessons to teach Canada about legalizing marijuana
Proponents of recreational marijuana believe stigma will last for years after legalization
The country’s justice minister raises concerns about impact of legalization on road safety
The Toronto Sun explores how the legalization of marijuana may impact the workplace

Statistics Canada data shows how cannabis crimes are distributed across the country
Saskatchewan communities counted among the highest for marijuana possession arrests
Police in British Columbia investigate pot possession more than any other province
Lake Louise leads Canada in per-capita cannabis possession incidents across the country
Weed smokers in Gatineau are more likely to get busted than just about anywhere else
Canna Green to-go dispensary in Ottawa continues selling pot from smashed window
CATSA issues Canadian passengers tips for boarding a fight with medical marijuana
Windsor Star: The border is a no-go zone for Canadian medical marijuana patients
Cannabis investors continue to be anxious in Oregon as state again takes vote on issue
Owner of a pot shop storefront that was crashed through believes it was “a message”

General Interest/Divers
Weed-infused wines have started to get popular as Canna Vine makes rounds on net
Rapper Royce da 5’9” says he doesn’t smoke weed but full endorses medical cannabis
Tech billionaire Richard Branson tells reformers to continue fight to legalize cannabis
Merry Jane investigates how difficult it is to get marijuana on the streets of China

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