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October 21 Octobre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Niagara police say they are welcoming consultations on recreational cannabis laws and the owners of six Toronto dispensaries face fines after the spring pot shop crackdown in the city. Ottawa Police are reportedly only concerned with “legitimate” cannabis storefront complaints and Israeli pharmacies are readying for medical marijuana sales. A Sarnia man says his form of pot – shatter – still won’t be permitted next year and Turkey moves to allow controlled cannabis cultivation in 19 provinces. Also, leaked documents show why the FDA believes marijuana is not medicine, police raid a California strip mall and find 5,000 plants, and UBC’s Spirit Plant Medicine conference will explore the complexity and majesty of cannabis. Have a great weekend!

Canopy Growth
CGC receives mention alongside names like RBC, Toronto Dominion on TSX update

Niagara police are looking forward to consultations on new recreational marijuana laws
One Sarnia man says his form of marijuana – shatter – won’t be legalized next year
Proposition 64 to legalize cannabis in California counted among record donor initiatives

Owners, employees of six Toronto pot shops face fines for illegal storefront infractions
Ottawa police say they only want to hear “legitimate” complaints about illegal pot shops
Hearings begin for three people arrested after raid on Saskatchewan Compassion Club
The City of Toronto is currently home to nearly 100 unlicensed marijuana storefronts
Israeli pharmacies readying to start selling medical marijuana as permit continue to grow
Turkey government moves to legalize controlled cannabis in 19 of country’s provinces

General Interest/Divers
UBC Spirit Plant Medicine conference will explore the complexity, majesty of cannabis
Police raid Sante Fe Springs oil town strip mall and find 5,000 pot plant pushing up
Leaked docs show why the Federal Drug Agency believes marijuana is not a medicine
British Columbia government tries to seize Burnaby property from 2011 grow-op bust

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