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October 26 Octobre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Shoppers Drug Mart applies for a license to distribute medical marijuana and Common and Russell Simmons are counted among the celebrities lobbying to legalize cannabis in California. Columbia University researchers find no increase in youth consumption in states where medical cannabis is legal and VICE investigates the players bankrolling the anti-legalization campaign. A city in Maine is putting a moratorium on recreational grass in advance of the state’s vote and Stirling-Rawdon’s police chief concludes pot shops are outlawed in Canada. Also, Jimmy Buffett takes time out from his idyllic life to weigh in on Florida’s medical marijuana vote, remembering that time The Beatles toked up in a Buckingham Palace bathroom, and DJ Snoopadelic is set to headline Snoop Dogg’s Northside Birthday Party tomorrow night in Toronto. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Shoppers Drug Mart applies to Health Canada for a license to distribute medical cannabis
Tweed’s Quebec representative Adam Greenblatt weighs in on Shoppers Drug Mart news
DJ Snoopadelic to headline Tweed’s Snoop Dogg Northside Birthday Party Thursday

City in Maine puts moratorium on recreational pot in advance of state vote on the issue
Celebrities like Common and Tim Robbins are joining in the fight to legalize cannabis
VICE takes an investigative look at the players bankrolling anti-legalization campaign

Columbia researchers find increase in youth consumption in states where mmj is legal
Jimmy Buffett takes a break from idyllic life to lobby for medical cannabis in Florida
Cannabis topicals maker Pure Ratios introduces four-day cannabidiol patch for patients
Stirling-Rawdon police chief comes to conclusion that pot shops are currently illegal

General Interest/Divers
Texas Department of Safety considers low level pot crimes a high threat on Mexican border
VICE: How the British bedroom tax has led to a rise in grandmother’s growing marijuana
CThat time John Lennon and The Beatles smoked weed in a Buckingham Palace washroom

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