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September 19 Septembre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Vancouver’s Lift Expo serves as an example of where the cannabis industry’s heading and two Ottawa Weeds shops close after its products are seized by Canada Post. The owner of Peterborough’s recently raided Cannabis Culture dispensary plans to reopen this week and Canopy Growth announces a partnership with Delivra to produce innovative topical products. Mandy McKnight explains the “miracle” that cannabis has been for her epileptic son and New Brunswick’s working group on legalization is looking at pot policy and distribution. Also, Tommy Chong is seeking a pardon from President Obama for selling bongs, the late Merle Haggard gets a strain in his name, and Damian Marley readies to open a new dispensary in Colorado. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
CGC CEO Bruce Linton joins Carleton University for celebration of school graduates
Canopy Growth and Delivra partner to offer innovative therapeutic cannabis product
CGC announces the election of new members of the company’s board of directors

Legalization of cannabis a topic that Liberals need to tackle with Parliament in session
Mark Ware gives a presentation on the progress of the Liberal task force on legalization
CBC investigates what Canada can learn from the Colorado legalization experience
New Brunswick legalization working group is looking at pot policy and distribution

Two Ottawa Weeds shops forced to close after pot packages intercepted from BC
Vancouver’s Lift Expo shows patrons where the industry’s at and where it’s heading
Meet the pot sommelier who is looking to move weed onto the dinner table next to wine
Wall Street believes it’s high time to get your money into the nascent marijuana market
Mandy McKnight says cannabis oil has served as a “miracle” for epileptic son Liam
Owner of Peterborough’s recently raided Cannabis Culture plans to reopen this week

General Interest/Divers
The late country legend Merle Haggard will have a strain in his name posthumously
Damian Marley is readying to open a new Tru Cannabis dispensary in Colorado
Dad and Dudes Breweria unveils new cannabis-infused beer lineup for sale in CO
Student tour guides in Philadelphia steer clear of dorm rooms that reek like weed
Meet Florida woman who stashed her grass in daughter’s lunchbox during traffic stop
Comedian Tommy Chong is seeking a pardon from President Obama for selling bongs

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