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September 27 Septembre, 2016


In today’s news/Dans les manchettes aujourd'hui: Legalization will be high on the agenda at the upcoming Alberta and B.C. municipalities’ meetings and the Cannabis Culture location in Peterborough is set to reopen Tuesday morning. Motherboard explores whether Clinton or Trump will be better for the cannabis conversation south of the border and the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal may have to decide whether a medical marijuana user was discriminated against after being barred from a Victoria hotel. GW Pharma may soon become the first biotech company with a cannabis-based therapy approved in the U.S. and the Netherlands is reported to be considering legalizing cannabis cultivation once and for all. Also, the Oregon Health Authority is said to be dishing out sketchy weed parenting tips, Daily VICE looks at some sweet bongs that run tens of thousands and Dope follows Cheech Marin on his quest for high art. Have a great day!

Canopy Growth
Dr. Callum Swift explores Bedrocan BV at the Global Medicinal Cannabis Summit

Marijuana will be high on the agenda at upcoming B.C. municipalities convention
Alberta Urban Municipalities Assoc. wants to share input with legalization task force
The Cannabis Culture location in Peterborough is set to reopen on Tuesday morning
California watchdog investigates if Prop. 64 opponent funding properly disclosed

DeepCell Industries aims to become the “Intel Inside” of cannabis edibles market
UK resident Ian Frizell documents the effect of cannabis on his Parkinson’s disease
Army officials say medical marijuana is ready to be shipped to Italian hospitals
Motherboard investigates whether Trump or Clinton will be better on marijuana
Fortune: GW may be the first biotech to get cannabis-based therapy approved in U.S.
B.C. Human Rights may have to decide whether mmj user was discriminated against
Cannabis cultivation may soon be a reality in the Netherlands as the times a change

General Interest/Divers
Dope Magazine follows Cheech Marin on his quest for the highest art on the planet
Daily VICE take a look at some gnarly bongs that cost consumers tens of thousands
The Oregon Health Authority is reported to be giving sketchy weed parenting tips
HERB investigates what celebrities have been busted for weed crimes in recent years

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