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Meet The Customer-

Ask one hundred people on the street what a medical marijuana user looks like and you’d likely hear a clichéd description of a light-hearted slacker with an embarrassingly large hacky sack collection, a thorough knowledge of the Grateful Dead’s collection and a glove box full of empty Visine bottles.

Three years ago when we started Tweed, we knew we shouldn’t make assumptions about our clientele. And no matter how many times we tell ourselves to expect the unexpected, we have constantly been inspired by the diversity of the extended Tweed family. We’ve had the pleasure of providing thousands of patients with cannabis and getting to know them in the process. We’re excited to share some of their stories and highlight the diverse face of Canadian medical cannabis.

This month, we spoke to Bojan Kladnjakovic. A 27-year-old professional MMA athlete known to his friends as Blaine, Kladnjakovic’s relationship with cannabis morphed from recreational to medical after sustaining a serious knee injury while competing. A relatively new Tweed patient, he says he sought out a regulated supplier after growing suspect of storefront supplies and hasn’t looked back since.

How long have you been a Tweed customer? I’m going onto my third month.
What inspired you to seek medical cannabis?  I began using marijuana as a medicinal option after I blew my knee out in competition in Brazil.
What made you choose Tweed?  I had a friend who had quite a severe back injury and he was also a professional fighter. He got a Tweed license and said that he couldn’t believe all of the things and drugs he took, and options he tried, that marijuana was the one that gave him the ability to live and function day-to-day. 
How has cannabis helped you? I have a very intimate relationship with marijuana. It’s a recovery-enhancing drug.
Have your friends and family commented on your choice?  My parents support me. My mom’s seeing what it does to my dad (who medicates sometimes to relieve symptoms associated with his glaucoma) and my dad’s seeing how beneficial it is. The side-effects are minimal: hungry, happy, sleepy.
What is your favourite strain and why? Initially I thought the higher the THC percentage, the better it would be. But from my experience that’s not really true. I’m enjoying the sativas during the day and indicas at night. One of my favourites during the day is Princeton. The effects are very euphoric, very energetic. 
How do you typically consume your cannabis? I haven’t smoked in years. I can vaporize and go for a hard cardio workout, I can vaporize and roll jiu-jitsu for hours and it doesn’t affect me.
Do you prefer ingesting bud or 10:1 Cannabis Oils?  I prefer bud because the effect is instant, but the oil is fantastic. That’s the beauty of Tweed, there’s a lot of variety and I get to play a bit with my medicine.
How do you see this industry developing in future? I’m in Kensington Market right now and everyone seems to want to get on this cash-cow train. There’s 20 on this one block, 20! But the whole thing seems shady because the source cannot be legal. I just don’t think there’s enough medicinal suppliers. Anytime you ask, you get vague answers about where their supply comes from.
Who is your favourite cannabis advocate and why?  Many of my favourite people are marijuana advocates. Joe Rogan is a great example.

Here’s to Future Growth!

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