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The importance of Customer Care

You can’t assume that every day will be the same as the previous or the next. If you promote a cookie cutter approach for how you address and resolve situations, you may as well just use an automated system. It is the human side, the compassion, and the understanding of customer care representatives that are the lifeblood to any brand focused on developing a loyal customer base.

The Tweed Difference

Long before Tweed had a license, even before we had product to deliver to our customers, we had built an unmistakable brand in the medical marijuana industry – not just in Canada but also around the world.

It is this brand that our incredible Care team embodies and demonstrates on a daily basis. As our first point of contact with the public, it is imperative that this team conveys the compassion, intelligence, focus, and honesty we stand for as a corporation.

Armed with industry knowledge, health backgrounds, and direct product experience, our team of Care representatives is always at the ready to provide an unparalleled level of customer experience. Many of our Care Team representatives are patients as well, offering a first-hand level of understanding.

When customers register, each is assigned a dedicated Care representative who will be there to guide them through every step of the process, from questions and concerns, to registration, to ordering, and beyond. The MMPR is a new program for everyone, and our team is here to break it down and take the confusion out of it.

At the core of our team’s success is the fact that we absolutely love what we do. You can genuinely feel the smile on the face of your Care representative when you talk to them on the phone, or in the passionate guidance you receive when seeking input on choosing a strain that may be best for you.

A friend in need has a friend at tweed

The feedback we receive on a daily basis from our customers supports this vision, and empowers our team to continue delivering this exceptional level of service.

One customer recently wrote in: “I recently became a customer of Tweed after doing as much research on Licensed Producers as I possibly could. Not only do I believe in Tweed as a fine Canadian business, I would also like to comment on the outstanding customer service. I was contacted throughout the entire registration process by friendly, knowledgeable staff who were able to guide me, give me updates, as well as answer all of the questions that I had. For that, I am truly grateful; it confirmed the research that I did and exceeded expectations.”

There are many teams that contribute to the success of any company, but having a Care Team that can represent your personality and what you stand for as an organization is make or break when it comes to supporting the growth of a new company.  With this, I am proud to watch and listen to our care team provide our customers with exceptional service, advocate for customer needs, listen to their concerns, and develop a relationship of trust in the vision of Tweed.

If you need anything at all from our team, please send us an email, give us a call, open a chat window or send a smoke signal. We’ll do our best to make your experience memorable for all the right reasons.

Jacqui H.
Customer Care Manager

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