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Vaporizing — No need to smoke.

In 2014 the term “vape” was considered the most commonly used new word by Oxford Dictionary, but what does “vaping” really mean? A closer look at the process shows that there’s more to vaporizing than just hot air.

For over 10 years Canadians have accessed cannabis for medical purposes and have chosen to find ways to medicate by making baked goods and other edibles including oils and tinctures. Canadians using cannabis medically have also chosen to smoke either through pipes or joints. At Tweed, we suggest that patients should explore vaporizing- it is as effective as inhaling cannabis from a joint or a pipe, without having to inhale smoke.

Vaporizing is a way to inhale the active and therapeutic components of cannabis with a 95% or higher reduction in carcinogens, because you’re not burning anything. A vaporizer works by heating up a chamber of cannabis to the precise temperature, just hot enough to turn the cannabinoids to vapour but not hot enough to burn the plant matter. The result is a much cleaner inhalation, which has considerably more terpenes and cannabinoids that are often burned off when smoked.

Is there a difference in how effective cannabis is when you compare vaporizing to smoking?

You are able to capture a higher percentage of the active components because they are all captured in the chamber rather than being burned off between the inhalations of a joint.

The challenge for someone who requires a large amount of cannabis for their therapy is often that the chamber in a vaporizer is smaller than a pipe or joint. Ultimately personal preference is what leads to the choice to continue smoking, and this is often due to an association between the texture of the smoke when inhaled and how effective the cannabis is at addressing symptoms. If you’re looking to use herbal cannabis in the safest way, although the evidence is very mixed on risks of pure cannabis smoke, vaporization is the best method of inhaling.

With the increased awareness of vaporizing, there has come an increase in the availability of the devices. Vaporizers now come in all shapes, sizes and price points. When choosing a vaporizer it’s important to consider a couple factors to make sure you’re getting the most from your device. Vaporizers can come in very compact sizes and you will often find devices that have the heat source very close to the mouthpiece. Some, like the device pictured, look like a standard prescription inhaler. It’s important to consider that the closer the mouthpiece is to the heating chamber the hotter the vapor will be. Glass tubes and mouthpiece extenders can help absorb a lot of the heat and cool the vapor from these devices.

When selecting a device you also want to find one that allows you to change the heat setting. The active cannabinoids have a variety of vapor points, which is the temperature at which solid cannabinoids are turned into vapor. By having the ability to lower and raise the temperature settings of the device you’re able to avoid burning any plant matter.

So how do i get one?

Tweed provides a variety of vaporizers to our patients at heavily discounted rates to remove any cost barriers a patient may have to this safer alternative. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please visit the Tweed Shop.

If you have questions about vaporization or choosing the vaporizer that is right for you, the Customer Care Team will gladly help you out.

Contact the Care team at 1.855.558.9333 or

Here's to Future Growth.

Chris Murray
Director of Business & Medical Development.

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