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Honing in on the strains that are right for you

Tweed customers come to us with a variety of marijuana experience. Some have been medicating for years, others have been unknowingly self-medicating, and others come with some exposure to recreational use.

To cater to all types, our Customer Care Team provides as much information as possible so we can create a community of cannabis experts capable of choosing the right medicine. Through instinct and observation, gentle prodding, or a simple leap of faith, more and more customers are taking advantage of our resources to find what works for them.

Tweed studies the genetics of each strain, discovering the THC%, CBD%, unique terpene profiles and the genetic make-up to be able to differentiate our products for our customers. We also talk to hundreds of patients a day – often hearing feedback on what is working for different patients in different situations. This helps inform the knowledge base of our Care Team and the guidance they can offer you.

Sometimes you’ll be surprised.

For example, very potent THC strains are the first thing most experienced patients seek. Whether it’s past experience with untested product or a long-held belief, many people think that 20% THC is a floor that they can’t go below.

Working in the Care Centre we see “light bulb” moments all the time, where people used to medicating with a 22% THC strains find a perfect, medium potency option that allows them to medicate throughout the day with the same level of relief.

We’ve watched many of our customers expand their horizons and try something new as a medical marijuana user. It is an incredible journey and we feel privileged to be a part of it. We are lucky to be able to share one Tweed customers’ experiences with you. I’m going to let them speak for themselves…

“I was a recreational user for many years. You’d probably even want to call me a Pot Snob. And I was most definitely self-medicating. I looked for an intense "stoned" feeling from my pot and systematically chased high THC %. My marijuana knowledge was deep, learned mostly on the street, mostly in my 20’s; this was also the source of my marijuana. I judged strains not by how effective they were at managing my symptoms, but by how stoned I felt. That was of course a therapy in itself, however I was pretty closed minded about trying new strains, particularly if they were a low THC%. Most of the time I could tell what strain I was smoking, but looking back I would never know a real THC%. There were times when I had a negative reaction to a strain, but I had to guess what caused it and hope it wouldn’t happen again. There was typically very little selection and so I took what I could get. For me it was as simple as getting “high” to self medicate.

I have been registered with Tweed for about 9 months and am now a medical user. That didn’t mean much to me at the beginning. My excitement was mostly around being a legal cannabis user and being able to continue self-medicating. What I didn’t expect would happen, was that I would be bitten by the Cannabis bug […] I started to make the connection between the strain(s) I would use and my how they affected my body and managed my symptoms. I noticed that I was not chasing the high anymore, but rather looking for the strain that best managed my symptoms. It became clear to me that THC% is only one of the indicators of efficacy. Terpenes, CBD%, and general genetic make up have equal roles in making medicine effective for me.

It was a big day when I realized that a strain at 20+% THC is actually not as widely required as some think. For example, I've discovered that Sativa strains 12-17% for daytime and Indica strains 15-20% for nighttime are actually the perfect combination for me personally.

The two main parts of my journey to take away from this are really about being open-minded and being totally honest with one's self. Argyle may be perfect for you even at 5% THC. If it works and you feel better, that’s all that should matter."

We invite Tweed customers, or those interested in becoming a Tweed customer, to take advantage of the range of information we have to offer. By working with Tweed and your healthcare professional, you should be able to develop the strongest cannabis therapy strategy possible and tweak it as time goes on.

You can touch base with us at 1 855 558 9333 Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm EST and Saturdays 8am – 4pm EST.

Here's to Future Growth.

Jacqui H.
Customer Care Manager.

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