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Get Your Om On With Kate Durie

Meet Kate. In 2011 Kate suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a result of a fluke accident – an accident that would change the direction and speed of her life forever. This is a story that we're sure resonates with many of you - how in the blink of an eye your life can be forever altered, whether due to an accident or illness.

The pain, the depression, the grief for a life that would never be the same – she’s experienced them all. But if you met Kate, you’d never believe this vibrant, passionate woman beaming positivity and calm had ever endured such dark times. A state of being she credits largely to introducing yoga into her life.

After months of rehabilitation and unable to participate in the activities that once energized her, Kate turned to yoga. She learned to listen to her body, find calm, and use breathing, movement, and meditation techniques to find a mental, emotional, and physical place of peace. Now… don’t go thinking she was balancing on her head right away – it was a gradual process, allowing her body to adjust as she learned.

Once out of the rehabilitation centre, Kate wanted to share yoga with others who dealt with chronic pain. She first traveled to Bali and studied under Eoin Finn becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher. To deepen her therapeutic studies, she then completed a Yoga Therapy Certification.

I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Kate, someone who’s journey I’ve followed for some time, in order to share how you can incorporate yoga into your life to help manage your pain, anxiety, depression, and many other conditions. Some of her favourite poses to calm, restore, relax, and manage pain are below, and are great for beginners to get a feel for this practice.

Kate recommends four Restorative poses (combined with a meditative practice or breathing techniques) as a powerful way to release tension, increase body awareness, calm your body and mind (or energize your body and mind), depending on what you need. You are learning, training, and practicing the art of being versus doing. Nourishing from the inside out. Self-healing.



In addition to yoga, Kate uses medical cannabis to help manage her chronic headaches, migraines, neck pain, and especially her sleep issues which are a constant struggle as a result of the TBI. In an effort to seek out a more natural treatment, and with the guidance of her doctors, she has experienced incredible success with a blend of CBD-rich strains and a high THC variety at bedtime. Maybe if we’re lucky she’ll share her delicious vegan, gluten-free, paleo muffin recipe with us in a follow-up post?! 

Better Living starts here.


*If you’re in Ottawa and want to attend a class of Kate’s you can find her at Pure Yoga Ottawa, PranaShanti, and Yogatown. Her schedule can be found on her own website,

** A big thank you also goes out to Tracey Jazmin Photography for graciously allowing us to use her photo of Kate for our blog post. 

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