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Bred to be the Best - Q&A with DNA

Last week we announced a strategic partnership with the industry's leading cannabis seed company, DNA Genetics. The deal is effectively a three-pronged initiative involving consulting and breeding that will also secure Tweed the exclusive right to distribute world-renowned DNA Genetics in Canada.

Don and Aaron, co-owners of DNA, have for over a decade supplied a loyal following with seeds and strains hand-selected by the California-born duo. In addition to being the only seed company to have won every award at the annual High Times Cannabis Cup, DNA count stars like Snoop Dogg, Woody Harrelson and Cypress Hill among their growing number of supporters.

More than simply serving as certified celebrities on the cannabis scene, Don and Aaron are perennial professionals. They do an enviable job of riding proverbial unicycles down the thin line that divides the suits from the streets. The duo have accomplished in just over a decade what they once only dreamed of back in the day in LA – owning a celebrated brand that partners over and again with the best on the planet. On their recent visit to Smiths Falls we had a chance to speak with DNA about the deal. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation.

We had a chance to sit down with Don and Aaron on their recent visit to Smiths Falls and discuss this new partnership and what it means for them*. 

DNA has won over 125 awards and counts a roster of celebrity smokers among its supporters. In what ways in particular does this partnership benefit your company?

Don: At a certain point if you want to go further than you physically can take yourself, then you need to align with the best possible partners. This is a global brand, a global market, and we could never do this alone. We don't have the facilities, we don't have the budget, we don't have the resources to do what Tweed can do. 

As far back as 2011, you spoke on the need for DNA to be better positioned globally in the medical cannabis industry. How does this move help you further realize that vision? 

Aaron: We want to be positioned as one of the top genetic companies in the world. We're not even just dealing with Tweed [in forming this partnership], we're dealing with Canada. It's a huge opportunity for both of our companies to come together and create. It seems very special.

I heard someone say recently that five years in marijuana was like working 35 in any other industry. Does that scale help explain DNA's stratospheric success and star status on the scene?

Don: That means we're at like 100 years right now. Five years is 35 years and we've had our company 12 years – we should be dead!

One of the most exciting prospects of this partnership is the possibility of crossbreeding Tweed's proprietary strains with some of DNA's stalwart stock. What's the chance our patients will be treated to that brand of conception in future?

Don: Co-creating strains with Tweed is actually a direct part of the game plan. Absolutely. We want to mix stock, do the proper selection and stabilization to the point where Tweed and DNA can bring new strains to the global market.

The discourse of the day pertaining to pedigree, phenotype selection and the general conversation about clones and unique creations can be complicated to the average connoisseur. Can you provide a synopsis of the process you have called “playing God?”

Aaron: First we breed two plants, collect the seeds and grow them. Out of those seeds, we pick THE ONE. In our breeding practices we don't want two of the same version; we want the best version of that cross. You have to kill the rest. When you play God, you have to be very selective.

In closing, this deal is a unique opportunity to get your custom strains into the hands of Tweed's patients. How exciting will it be to see a product you crafted primarily for the recreational market used as a medicine?

Don: What's most exciting for us is reaching a whole other part of the market. The street side has been down with us from the beginning. But it [marijuana] has always been medicine. For us, whether we indulged recreationally or medicinally, it was always medicinal. To be connected with a legitimate medical operation and be able to do trials and touch a plethora of people in a country that's known for its health care system is profound. It's a global move.”


Here's to Future Growth... powered by DNA


*This is an edited transcript of the interview with Don and Aaron

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