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Here’s to future growth in the new year

As we edge toward historic changes in cannabis regulation, the outlook for Canadian cannabis is blooming brighter than ever at the close of 2015. We’re excited to ring in the new year with a tip of the cap to the recent past and raised glass to a future of possibilities.

At Tweed, this year was marked by one exciting development after the next. We started 2015 by announcing an exciting partnership with Indoor Harvest, who has been refining their aeroponics technology for the production of cannabis in our Smiths Falls facility. In April we announced the beginning of our expansion of Tweed Farms with a goal to increase our licensed space by 316,000 sq. ft., the largest greenhouse in the industry that we know of.

By May we had worked collaboratively with two other Licensed Producers to announce start-up funding of the Quebec medical cannabis registry addressing a call by the Collège des médecins du Québec and creating a research framework that will lead to increased responsible cannabis access for patients in la belle province.

Only one month later we announced that we were joining forces with Bedrocan Canada, adding significant medical cannabis expertise, history, and knowledge to our family. This was also the impetus to our parent company’s new name, evolving from Tweed Marijuana Inc. to Canopy Growth Corporation.

Tweed’s medical outreach team was busy in 2015, completing over 10,000 physician interactions all across the country. More and more doctors are receiving the resources they need to learn about cannabis and how to incorporate it into their practices. Our company also became the first in the industry to offer a MAINPRO M1-accredited program to healthcare providers this year.

By August we had received our license to produce cannabis extracts and immediately began work to create a refined line of cannabis oils – investing in leading edge equipment such as our CO2 super critical extractor to ensure our customer’s receive only the best quality products.

Industry outreach and education remained central themes for us in 2015. Through our Certified Partner program, we have been able to offer educational programs to the cannabis education community by working with professionals in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Alberta. We held an evening in Toronto, celebrating women’s achievement and contributions in the cannabis sector – shining a light on contributions often not recognized.

Twenty-fifteen marked the first year our accomplishments have been recognized by others in the industry. Over the summer, Tweed’s Customer Service team was named the best in the country at the Canadian Cannabis Awards, where Princeton placed second in the top sativa category.

Building on our dedication to having the best customer service in the industry, we introduced Better by Tweed, offering face to face support services for our customers. We welcomed into our fold the founding president of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, as well as the founder of the country's first compassion club.

And who could forget the world’s leading breeders of cannabis seeds! The partnership with DNA Genetics, coupled with the licensing of Tweed Farms’ full 350,000 sq. ft. facility, introduction of our curated collections, advancements in aeroponics research and the development of our proprietary strains, have all helped to ensure our production department remains second to none.

On October 19, when Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada, the first page in a welcome new book on Canadian cannabis was written. As we prepare to welcome a day when a once-stigmatized plant is celebrated for its medicinal and recreational potential, we will always remember 2015 for what it revealed – proof that cannabis (and the Canadian industry behind it) is like a fine wine in at least in one way. It keeps getting better with time.

Here's to future growth.

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