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Yesterday, the Government of Canada announced that regulations governing medical marijuana would be amended, as expected, by August 24th, 2016, and that the majority of the previously repealed Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) would form a part of an interim system, introduced to satisfy the requirements set out by the courts in the truncated timeline the government was given to respond. Tweed is pleased to respond to that announcement.

For our patients and the 95% of people who don't abuse the privilege of growing at home, this is positive news. Our Company has openly supported the right of patients to grow at home, and we welcome this new option for patients.  Choice is a good thing, and those who wish to grow moderate amounts of cannabis at home for personal consumption should be allowed to do so.

For Tweed, it truly is business as usual. The reality in Canada today is that patients already have significant choice.  Legal or not, many people already choose to grow at home, or to access cannabis through an illegal dispensary. In addition, they can choose from over 30 licensed producers of cannabis. 

Since we began three years ago as a start-up business in Smiths Falls, it has been our mission to offer products and services that stand out among these options. Patients have always had choice and we have never taken that for granted.

Canopy Growth, encompassing Tweed and Bedrocan Canada, is proud to welcome our 20,000th customer to join the Canopy family. As of today, our Company has garnered the trust and support of over 20,000 Canadians, representing more than half of all those who ever joined the MMAR system in its 13 years of existence. We offer our customers a convenient way to access a wide variety of cannabis products produced to the highest quality standards in the world.

We have taken great strides to normalize medical cannabis use through political advocacy, physician education and stakeholder outreach. We're confident that through our work, we've improved access to medical cannabis for tens of thousands of Canadians. We will continue this important work until medical cannabis is fully incorporated into the Canadian healthcare system.

Adhering to the strict quality-assurance regulations developed by Health Canada, Tweed and Tweed Farms have proven our ability to produce products that provide physicians and patients with peace of mind. We are confident that given the option, our ability to produce world-class products in a cost-effective manner will be the preferred method for the vast majority of Canadians.

So where to now?

While we support a patient's right to grow at home, the MMAR and the grow-at-home system it represents is not good policy.  All of the flaws that existed in 2013 when the government concluded after extensive consultation that the MMAR presented elevated diversion risks, abuse of plant limits, and an inability for law enforcement to know legal from illegal cannabis – still exist today.

While we believe this is a short-term initiative, with a broader overhaul of cannabis policy expected in the coming months, it is still a setback for the advancement of sound cannabis policy and Canada's global leadership in cannabis regulation.

Though we can't control government policy, we can control what we do with it.  To the extent this short-term opportunity allows us, we want to help customers explore "grow at home" outside their home. We'll rent you the space, genetics and supplies, and we'll help you to grow your own plants at our (non-MMPR) facilities. Home grow without your home, only from Tweed.

Make no mistake: in our view, there is no substitute for clean, convenient, quality-assured cannabis at competitive prices. But if you want to grow your own cannabis, Tweed would be proud to assist you in that journey, insofar as the rules allow.  Maybe yet another option, from your friends at Tweed.

Here's to Future Growth – in a number of ways.

- Mark Zekulin,
Tweed President

Read the full news release here.

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