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Introducing The Curated HomeGrow Collection

Tweed’s Master Grower, Kevin Furet, spends his time away from the plant sourcing genetics to push up. The HomeGrow Collection is a product of those efforts. Hand-selected by Kevin on his trips through Europe, the genetics in this series are available exclusively to Tweed customers. To find out more about how the HomeGrow Collection came to be, we spoke to the Master Grower about his travels and motivation for curating this unique series. The following is an edited transcript of that interview.

Are there geographic areas that are particularly attractive when you’re on the hunt for strong genetics?

Usually places that have cannabis cultivation in their culture and their history, like India, Thailand and Afghanistan. There’s these sweet spots where it’s been grown for centuries, often for hashish, and those are some of the best places to find genetics, where people have been breeding for drug cultivar, and not for hemp, rope or textile production. But also along the equator – some of the best cannabis is grown close to the equator.

Tweed’s HomeGrow Collection is unique in that it’s the first to be curated by a world-renowned grower. What motivated you to head this project?

I wanted Canadian patients to have access to the best genetics possible. As this culture’s transformed to an industry, there’s now the legal ability to bring seeds into the country. What used to be a secret operation is now for public consumption. I remember not so long ago this was a pipe dream, so it’s pretty surreal to be able to do this legally.

How do the genetics found in the HomeGrow Collection differ from the seeds you’d buy at a head shop?

I’m focused on getting the best possible cannabis for the medical market and, hopefully, eventually, the recreational market. They differ because they’ve been selected by somebody who’s had experience with them before. It’s a small collection, but there’s a lot of variety and we’re offering the full spectrum – some CBD, auto-flowers, high THC, as well as Sativas and Indicas. I’m happy because this is exactly what I had in mind.

Other than the Humber Valley Kush you’ve built part of your career on, are there other strains in the series you’re excited to roll out?

The Karolyn is a really nice Sativa with a relatively fast flowering time, good yield and nice terpenes. It has haze terpenes and stacked calyxes. I really like the Diesel, too. Some of the phenotypes that I’ve seen can be a nice purple. That’s another one that has really unique and strong terpenes.

What plant characteristics do you look for when selecting strains to grow out?

Most of the time I’m choosing a plant for its terpenes. Sometimes it’s the structure of the plant, of the buds, or the sturdiness of its branches. But usually it’s terpenes that I’m after. You can always fix undesirable traits through breeding with other plants. Other people may choose for yield or colour, but I look for the best of the best whether it yields a little or a lot. The smell is always what leads me to my selections.

*Tweed’s HomeGrow Collection will be available in early March!*

Daryl Nie

March 19, 2017

Home grow collection early march you say am I missing something????

Lisa McGann

March 12, 2017

Do you have a date for us to purchase seeds yet? It’s time to get growing.

Lori Orban

March 09, 2017

I would like to talk with someone when this is available for information on how I can get some and how much I’m allowed by law to grow for myself thanks. Keep up the great work Tweed Team


February 23, 2017

Fantastic to see this growers name getting some recognition in the licensed producer world! Can’t wait to see what new genetics are coming to the market.

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